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windmillEducation plays an important role in making our future generations aware about the significant issues facing our human race. Among the most important issues to be considered, the energy crisis is a force to reckon with. As young as grade school, pupil aged youngsters should be made aware of the impending difficulties that will ensue when the supply of the popular fossil fuels run out and man has to survive on other sources of energy. A “build your own home” project that help to inform the younger generations is therefore a great help in spreading awareness about the energy crisis.

Build Your Own Home Project

We all know that the planet earth continues to survive as long as there is a balance in nature. However, in the past decades the earth’s natural balance has been rocked by the onslaught of modern-day pollution that has steadily escalated into gigantic proportions. One of the most formidable contributors to pollution today is fossil fuels, the number one energy source of the world today. Search for and the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, crude oil and coal, have caused much strain on our environment. This kind of fuel is non-renewable and thus will eventually run out. Once the supply of fossil fuels is exhausted, pandemonium will ensue – unless we start looking for ways to conserve the remaining supply that we have as well as make use of alternative sources of energy.

The concept of the build your own home energy-efficient house is therefore a brilliant innovation that can help conserve our natural energy resources as well as lessen pollution. It was in the mid-1970s that the energy-efficient house was initially developed and is now being used by energy-conscious residential builders. This kind of house was designed in response to the rapidly increasing cost in home heating and it has consequentially greater levels of insulation. In turn, the house requires only 30% to 50% less heat from a furnace burning coal or electricity produced heat which contributes considerably to the conservation of our natural energy resources.

Letting kids dabble in a science project that will help them understand the concept of a build your own home energy-efficient house is a great suggestion to help promote the idea of dealing with the world’s energy crisis. Having them understand that energy can be conserved and that fossil fuels can be lessened in use will be well worth the trouble of assigning them to build a miniature energy-efficient house as a group or by singular assignment.

The younger generation deserves to be fully informed of the fight against the energy crisis through energy efficiency education. When they are engrossed in making their build your own home energy-efficient house, they will better appreciate and comprehend the concepts that you are teaching them in energy efficiency education. Learning can be fun and projects like these which encourage youth participation in the energy crisis can help create a better future for the following generations of mankind.

Build Your Own Home



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