solar power worksOne of the most traditional sources of energy – diy wind power – is beginning to re-appear once again across the landscape; and for very good reasons too!

As we are discovering almost on a daily basis that the demand for power cannot be met and therefore the consumer, like it or not, should now take the initiative to find an alternative energy system rather than expecting the energy companies and/or the government to come up with a quick solution.

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Although we can all do our bit by deploying energy saving measures at home, these will not be enough to curtail the problem and we now need to go beyond simply taking preventative measures. There are only two real options the homeowner can take that will be not only cost effective, but will contribute to a more environmentally friendly neighborhood. The choice is either diy wind power or solar power as both are effective replacements to your current domestic energy.

Both diy wind power and solar will save you money, guard you against power shortages, and are a good environmentally friendly energy source.

Let’s now take a look at just one of these methods, diy wind power, and see how you can effectively implement it easily and cheaply at home.

The diy wind power system is best used under the following criteria:

  • Typically you will live on a large open space or a ranch that has a minimum of 1 acre of land in order that a diy wind power system will work optimally.
  • You will need to have in your area average wind speeds of around 12 miles per hour, as anything less will not be sufficient to drive your diy wind power system. It is well worth checking with an expert before deciding whether to use wind power or make solar energy.
  • If your water supply is drawn externally, then the diy wind power system is your best option of alternative energy. This is not compulsory though, you can still benefit greatly from wind power even if your water is drawn internally.
  • Because you need to have a reliable source of energy, especially if you’re working from home, diy wind power gives you the uninterrupted flow of power for all your domestic energy needs.

The diy wind power system consists of the tower with which to elevate the rotating five blade propeller that catches the wind to generate your domestic energy system. You will need to be aware of the height requirement for your tower. For example if your area has a predominantly low-wind volume then you will need a longer tower than say if you live near a beach.

Just to reassure you that diy wind power can actually replace your domestic energy system, just as the wind energy converts to domestic energy for running all your appliances, you can also store the converted energy to be used later as needed. This is what makes diy wind power a healthy alternative to the ever depleting fossil fuel types that energy companies use.

Just a note on the different types of wind power descriptions that you may come across such as; windmills, wind turbines or wind generators. They are all used to describe the same system.

How to Build a DIY Wind Power System and Eliminate Your Power Bill:

diy wind power



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