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Reviewer: Derek Drake

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This system is unique from it’s competitors in many ways. My DIY Power System Review explains what you need to know before choosing this as your option if your considering alternative ways to power your home.

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Here’s What You Get.

The first thing that I should point out that the DIY Power System Review’s collection of five manuals includes how to build your own dream house. When I first read the title I was quite dubious believing it would be stuffed with shortened incomprehensible explanations of bricklaying, concreting, plumbing ad nauseam! To be honest it’s more of an orientation guide which takes you through the housebuilding process step-by-step so that when you employ contractors to carry out the work you are far less likely to get into problems.

The DIY Power System also includes information on how to build a portable power system which come in handy if you spend lots of time traveling remote areas or taking hobby type vacations such as camping, fishing, hunting or even staying in some remote “backwoods” log cabin.

The Energy Saving Element

Quite apart from showing you how to build alternative systems of energy, it goes into different facets such as using a grid tied system (with or without batteries). It also explains the desirable Off Grid system. The most often promoted “how to get solar cells for free” is also included. I have misgivings about this because “free stuff” tends to be something of a misnomer and if it truly exists usually ends up costing in the long run.

Whereas, the ability to build solar panels is realistic once you read the manual and it’s borne out by the many testemonials from satisfied customers who have achieved better than expected results using the DIY Power System Review.

Saving You Even More Money.

I found the section on how to maintain the system very useful and that’s not always included in similar products. Maintenance can be costly if something goes wrong with your system and you have to call someone out to fix it. However, assuming that you built your own then you are the best person to be able to troubleshoot in times of failure and you should have attained the knowledge and skill with which to do so.

Extra Added Bonuses

The remaining DIY Power System Review manuals include, how to build a wind turbine, how to even build your own batteries and make your own bio-diesel. These are all helpful as they compliment and are interdependant on each other in their usage. For example, you will need batteries to store excess energy, you may also require diesel if you decide to go Off Grid in which case you will need a generator and the bio-diesel can be used to fuel it.

Is It For Me…?

The DIY Power System Review opinion is that it gives a very basic understanding of each topic allowing you to succesfully build your domestic power system. It has adequate illustrations and information that is not usually found in similar products. It’s Five Star deserved jewel in the crown is the how to build your dream home manual, especially for those who intend to embark on such a project or even if you’re considering making additions to your existing home. This type of information can prove costly not to have given the many complications that can be faced with building projects.

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