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Reviewer: Phil Darlo
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Website: Earth4Energy

According to Earth4Energy’s creator Michael Harvey, “If you’re interested in reducing your energy costs by generating your own off grid power then you’ve arrived at the right place.”

Quite a bold assertion in these times of inflating energy costs, global warming and the impending global energy crises. So what does Earth4Energy review really have to offer! Furthermore, can they deliver the goods, or is it just a load of hot air!

The Scam Theory Explained!

I managed to get a copy of the project and studied it extensively. I was puzzled by the scam accusations as Earth4Energy’s sales are in the thousands per month. Then I thought, well, perhaps its because it’s sold online they get away with it. Not so, as it’s widely recognised by the most favorable payment services. After chatting this over with a couple of engineering experts all became clear. What we have here is a simple DIY/Handyman weekend project done in a garage. That is whom the product was designed for and from all the success stories it seems to deliver what it promises. However, my engineering experts were horrified to see that with all their learning, study and training that now the ordinary home diy enthusiast could be “let loose” with creating his own domestic energy. In their eyes, much more had to be learnt and that this couldn’t possible be right…. it’s just a scam! So, I hope this has to some degree dispelled the scam theory and that you may now take a more objective approach to the whole issue of building your own solar panels.

Who Should Benefit From Solar?

Because now is not the time to be making claims of finding alternative solutions to such a serious problem that neither Power Companies or Governments have been able to come up with; or seem likely to in the near future. Much of the real debate within the industry and between enthusiasts centres around making solar energy panels available to the public for $1 per killowatt. Commercially desirable it maybe, but should it take precedence over environmental issues!

If suddenly faced with the prospect of food shortages, would this encourage us to plant vegetables in the yard or keep animals and poultry in the garage. Unlikely as this may seem, conceptually this is what Michael’s Earth4Energy project br hings to mind because up until now alternative natural sources of energy has been available only to those more able to afford the huge installation costs or who are simply living in remote areas and thus have no choice in the matter.

Who Can Afford To Benefit From Solar?

However, DIY enthusiast Michael Harvey claims that with his Earth4Energy DIY System, solar energy is now well within the reach of almost anyone who wishes to take advantage of it without severley damaging the wallet. Michael’s philosophy is, “Why pay a huge amount like $10,000’s for the installation of solar power when you now have the opportunity to build your own home made solar system for less than $200.”

Well, it seems unbelievably cheap. So I asked him what his system consists of that will turn the everyday family man into an expert, capable of generating energy from the natural resources of the sun. This was when he presented me with his guides which show all that’s needed in order to generate electricity in your own home by using solar power. He said, this is a simple DIY home project. Being somewhat of a DIY enthusiast myself (albeit with limited skills) I felt that if I could embark on such a project with some degree of certainty then it’s perhaps a project worth pursuing.

Who Has The Skills To Make Solar Energy?

Whilst carefully studying Michael’s step-by-step manuals, which were fully illustrated by the way, I noticed that a video was also included showing you in precise detail each of the steps to take. This makes it look so simple. I have to admit that I was tempted to have a go myself even though I’ve never really done much more than change a plug when it came to anything electrical.

However, watching Michael’s videos I was amazed at how simple it was to make the solar cells and string them together. He even shows you how you can obtain solar cells cheaply and in some cases for free. It also includes a shopping list of the items needed and where yo get them far cheaper than your local hardware store.

Although his manual is a good all round illustration and instructional guide on how to build your own system, it also includes an informative guide to future alternative energy systems such as “floating wind farms” and “solar power from outer space” both of which are fascinating reading!

How Can One Obtain The Expertise To Take Advantage of Solar?

What I particularly like about Michael’s Earth4Energy system is the ease with which the illustrations generate the confidence and enthusiasm to begin building your own energy source at home. He doesn’t just explain that you can get the materials needed either free or cheaply, but shows exactly from where. You can also find out how to source the batteries that you will need for your project! These batteries store the excess energy for later use or as a portable energy resource for camping etc. He doesn’t just give you the manual and leave you to get on with it either, there are instructional videos and the price includes a 12 month membership with regular updates and a support system in case you get stuck. In fact the initial section has a glossary explaining all the componants and how they fit in using diagrams and photos so you aren’t put off by technical jargon!

In Concluding!

The Earth4Energy kit can be downloaded online or if you prefer to learn offline, Michael has made available for purchase a special DVD which is delivered to your home.

From the many testamonials he receives, it’s obvious that the Earth4Energy kit is already a proven alternative energy system. It can lower home energy costs by as much as 50-80% and it’s user friendly! So if you are trying to figure out how to save money on your high energy bills, then I recommend that you get this and start working on it right away.

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