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Alternative sources of domestic energy are increasingly sought after by homeowners due to spiraling costs and the energy crises. Many diy products have arrived on the market in response to this demand and in the  Energy2Green Review I examine the pros and cons of what the Energy 2 Green system offers.

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A Quick Summary

The first notable aspect of the Energy2Green Review guide is it’s excellent fundamental technical detail. Although this goes far beyond the requirements necessary for a DIY system, it is yet explained in such a way that’s simple to understand. This will stimulate the most inquisitive enthusiast.

Initially the Energy2Green Review sets out to establish if solar energy is right for you, in what situations you would best use it and what the alternatives are if it’s not.

Energy2Green Review is loaded with energy saving tips for around the home that will not fail to instill you with a more energy efficient attitude even before you begin your project. One of the things that impressed me the most was the section on “how to audit your home.” Quite fascinating! It’s a precise method of figuring out the individual usage and cost of each electrical appliance and service in your home that will give you an in-depth exactness on the savings to be made by using alternative energy sources. This is something that I will definitely be using!

What’s Unique About It… ?

Something else that sets Energy 2 Green apart from similar products is that it includes a simple chart that allows you to estimate your power consumption and how much you actually need. The benefit of this is not only to help you save money on your bills even beforehand, but also to calculate, using the method provided, the exact system requirements for your home.

If your an outdoors person like I am then you’ll appreciate the many ways that the DIY Energy 2 Green systems can be used. For example: camping, boating, and even powering your log cabin, to name but a few. Because with the more up-to-date technology of solar cells it’s now possible, even with just limited exposure of the sun, to achieve great results using solar energy.

Before Buying It.

The Energy2Green Review is of the opinion that the Energy 2 Green system has many useful aspects apart from showing you how to build your own system. The amount of technical data gives a good all-round conceptual understanding of alternative sources of energy. The format is excellent which makes easy reading of exact technical details; including nine basic elements of Net-Metering if your intent on going Off-Grid. It is essentially an all-round sophisticated guide.

However, I would not recommend this system if you are totally green (no pun intended) as graphic illustrations are minimal and the technical detail, as good as it is, goes far beyond what is required to build the system which may cause some to get bogged down with too much theory.

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