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Although they come in different sizes (domestic to commercial), vary in styles (modern and old), the home built wind generator is not only here to stay but is now growing in it’s usage more than ever before. In a nutshell it catches the wind which rotates the blades that in turn, powers a motor to produce energy that’s most efficient and environmentally friendly. A home built wind generator can produce more that enough electricity for a large home and is mainly found on farms and areas that have around a 12 mph wind flow.

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Furthermore, when I say a “home built wind generator” it’s one that is easily built using a few hand tools and a simple step-by-step guide. You can also find the necessary components quite easily in your local neighborhood market.

Let me first explain the differences between the wind generator, a wind turbine and a windmill just to dispel any confusions on these systems.

The wind generator has traditionally been used to draw water and pull the early type water vessels. Although they took the form of the old style wind turbines and mills, they were not yet used to produce electricity.

So just be mindful of the fact that although each of the three terms are still used by different companies they in essence the same thing.

Let’s now take a quick look at the many distinct advantages of the home built wind generator.

Firstly, they are environmentally friendly in the two most obvious ways.

• They do not leave toxic residue in the atmosphere or leave any other poisonous gases that are detrimental to a clean and safe environment.

• The wind generator eliminates the use of fossil fuels and although maintains an environmentally friendly aspect, it also eliminates the dependency on the energy companies to this end.

Although the home built wind generator can surely save you on energy costs, the elimination of fossil fuel usage also contributes greatly in curbing the energy crises.

The economics are seen in terms of eliminating your energy bill. To have a wind generator professionally installed is quite a capital investment. Some argue that it takes many years before it pays for itself. However, they neglect to calculate the increase in value it gives to their property.

The most surefire way that will dispel all doubts about it’s cost effectiveness is when you opt for a home built wind generator as your own diy project

You should also consider that you will actually be building your very own power plant and be able to break from the dependence of energy companies and your government to resolve the crises.

You also get a continuous supply of free energy for all your needs the whole year round and will not be subject to power cuts and rising costs.

The ultimate benefit for your energy requirements is that the wind generator enables you to store the energy for the times when the wind doesn’t blow.

The bottom line is why not take advantage of the benefits that a home built wind generator offers and start saving right away instead of waiting for years for your return on investment.

If you want to find out more about the home built wind generator and other energy saving ideas:

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