Reports suggest that the greatest stumbling block to the development of a real sustainable homemade wind turbine energy system is where to store the surplus. Similar to the solar problem though it is, wind is very much a condition of nature and that technology advancement in utilizing battery power has not yet come up to par with either. This does tend to suggest that there are further advancements required before it becomes truly cost effective.


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However, other countries such as Ireland, Spain and Denmark have shown that homemade wind turbine power management can be achieved without huge storage facilities.It’s a little known fact that there is already quite a lot of flexibility built in to the existing power facilities. Such as water storage in dams, and gases held in pipelines, both are types of energy storage. In this way suppliers can cope with the temporal supply and demand cycle quite expertly.

How Domestic Energy Benefits… .

Homemade wind turbine contributes to this in no small way as it can provide twenty percent of a region’s electricity by using what’s known as net-metering. That is the excess power that a homemade wind turbine produces can be fed back into the local supply to which the homeowner providing it gets paid by way of a rebate or quid pro quo for the times when he needs to use that local supply when weather conditions do not provide adequate wind force for his homemade wind turbine to produce electricity in sufficient quantities for his domestic use.

Reliability of Wind Energy as a Domestic Source… .

More innovative methods of utilizing wind energy with traditional power supplies are constantly being looked at in order to maximize flexibility and economic usage. This may include favoring natural gas over the more costly hydro-electric storage system. Due to variable weather conditions that dictate wind velocity it’s unsafe to rely solely on wind energy but to complement any exiting system and certainly taken advantage of when available. Many diy homeowners use a homemade wind turbine to support their existing energy supply and some even utilize solar cell technology at the same time, thereby maximizing the power from both the wind and the sun whilst reducing dependency on the local supplier. Not forgetting of course, that both domestic systems lend themselves to the advantages of net metering. So how’s that for savings! You could quite easily obtain what power needed from your supplier totally free of charge if both your solar power and homemade wind generator are connected to their net metering facility.

How Does Wind Compare With Nuclear & Coal… ?

These types of alternative power systems can very easily do away with the need for coal and nuclear power. These systems are not easily managed in regards to decreasing or increasing output. Increased output places a huge stress on the plant which increases maintenance costs and causing health and safety risks. Wind energy is yet to become a major source of energy for the future and we should be taking advantage right now and integrate it with our own domestic supply. The homemade wind turbine can make a huge difference to you heating and energy costs. Theoretically, it is possible to reduce your bills down to zero, but with some trial and error beforehand I would say.

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