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solar power worksThe biggest question asked when wondering how solar panel power works is, “will they hold up to extreme weather conditions?” After all, every year roofs experience damage from snow and ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and hail.  Is it really wise to install solar panels on a roof that undergoes those kinds of weather extremes?  Here is some information to help you decide. You can also take a look at how solar power works.

It’s understandable to be concerned about hail or wind damage to the glass that encases the solar cells and allows them to have exposure to the sun.

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Here is the answer: Make sure your solar panels are constructed of high impact, tempered glass.   How high quality solar power works is that they are made with glass that can withstand 60-mile-an-hour winds with 3/4-inch hail.  So the panels can typically stand up to conditions that are comparable to what your roofing material can bear.

Before the contractor installs your solar panels, he has to determine whether your roof will be able to support the weight of the solar panel arrays.  After that is confirmed and the solar panels are installed on the roof, there’s no reason they shouldn’t stay firmly in place.   In the case of a tornado or hurricane, your solar panels will normally stay attached to your roof.  The only way they would come off is if the roof itself came off. Fundamentally, that’s how solar power works.

If there is a heavy snowfall, the snow may cover the solar panels, obscuring the sunlight.  If that happens, they cannot generate electricity and you will need to remove the snow.  But the actual panels will not be damaged by the heavy snowfall.

A larger concern would be your roof’s ability to withstand a wet, heavy snowfall.  In that case, you should shovel the roof in addition to removing the snow from the solar panels. In the event of a light snowfall, the heat retained in the solar power works sufficient to melt the snow and clear the panels.

Finally, check with your home-owner’s insurance policy. Solar panels are usually included in the coverage at no additional cost.  If it doesn’t, think about changing to a policy that provides this type of coverage.
If one takes a common sense approach when planning to install a solar system in the home then the risk of damage should be reduced to a minimum Don’t be tempted with building your solar panels using minimal standards just to save money. It may prove to be more expensive in the long run having to replace damaged glass which subsequently leads to damaged cells. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you have completed the installation you will then begin to realise how much you have actually saved yourself from installing solar panels and how solar power works effectively.

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