Is Morocco Ready for The Largest Solar Project in the World?

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Morocco Solar Project

Morocco Solar Project

With roughly 32.7 million people and a rising GDP, Morocco is one of a few bright spots in an economic world riddled with inconsistencies and slow growth. Morocco or al-Mamlakat al-Maghribiyyah( the west) is a rising superstar in terms of economic growth.

So it’s safe to say that with the growing economic strength of morocco they will need a source of power that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. With the rising cost of coal and crude oil, there are little options left for the country to enhance its capacity to generate power.

The rising cost of generating electricity is becoming a problem for most developing countries. Large companies set the price caring only for their stock holders and not the environment. Even with the help of legislation that mitigate the cost of energy, people still suffer. With this ambitious project, Moroccans will try to set up a system that’s not only safe for the environment but will lessen the dependence on coal and fossil fuels.

Is morocco a developing country? Yes it is. But it has the potential to become an economic powerhouse due to its geography. The strait of Gibraltar is one of the busiest sea routes in the world. So is it ready for this massive solar project even if it’s still a developing country? The answer is a hard yes.

Morocco has no oil and gas reserves to speak of therefore solar is the best option for them. A big start to achieving the goal generating 42 percent of its total power supply mix by 2020. The Moroccan government also wants to become a world-class renewable energy producer, and is eyeing the chance to export clean electricity to neighboring Europe.

Morocco has an over abundance of sand and sun so why not use it to their advantage? They have the knowledge and infrastructure to go ahead with the project. Plus it’s a good thing to foresee and plan accordingly, rather than regret later on when the prices of fuel skyrocket – which of course they will.

The solar project will cost Morocco 630 million and is slated for completion in 2015. The huge project “reinforces the will to optimise the exploitation of Morocco’s natural resources, to preserve its environment and sustain its development,” Said MASEN President, Mustapha Bakkoury. The project will be funded by The World Bank, the African Development Bank and the European Investment Bank. The project will generate 160-megawatt and will be built near the city dessert of Ouarzazate.

Things are looking bright for Morocco and with this huge solar project, things will only get brighter. It’s funny to think that this project was not located in a more developed country. Only shows that no matter the size if there is determination, then you can achieve anything.

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