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Solar energy is the most under utilized yet free source of energy available on earth. To make solar power can, not only deliver us natural light and heat, but through the use of solar technology, we can now make solar power in sufficient quantities to power our everyday requirements. Whilst the high cost of installing solar panels has deterred most people away, there has never been a better time than now to make solar power at a more affordable price and with total simplicity.

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Lets now look to see the advantages that make solar power a healthier and economical choice.

Why has solar energy become synonymous recently with energy saving enthusiasts?

Its environmentally friendly. It doesn’t emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere, and because it does not rely on the usual fossil fuels that drive the traditional power stations, the release of other carbon deposits is greatly reduced.

The most economical power solution. When you make solar power the energy produced is free. However, the initial capital cost of installation can be recouped over several years. Many enthusiasts make solar power at home thereby reducing the capital cost down to 10% of the professionally installed projects.

Storing excess energy. Unlike ordinary power, solar power can charge up normal car batteries and used later when the sun has gone down. This provides a constant source of energy long after any power cuts. Minimal maintenance is required, just top them up with distilled water,

Solar panels require very little maintenance, if you have opted to build your own you then have the skill to carry out any maintenance or minor replacements yourself, thus saving you even more money.

Although it may seem fairly obvious, but let’s now look at the uses of solar power.

There are many uses that make solar power more more attractive than you may have considered.

Cooking with solar: Although there are many advantages to cooking with solar, it does take a few minutes longer. However, there’s no fire to make or electricity to pay for. What’s more you can roast a joint of meat, bake a cake or boil an egg any way you like. You will end up with all the same tasty, nourishing food as before but with less expense.

Lighting with Solar: You no longer need to be concerned with making sure everyone in the household switches off the lights because of the energy bill. Nor do you have to go around turning off the appliances left on by others. You will be safe in the knowledge that you have all the energy required in storage.

Heating with solar: When you make solar power to heat your home you stay warm and comfortable without having to think about the energy costs.

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