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Solar Panels come in two distinct forms each with it’s own distinct function. You can use a solar panel to make energy or to generate heat. You will need to decide which purpose beforehand as neither one can be used for both. Although both will certainly save you money by reducing energy costs, they will also provide a more environmentally friendly neighborhood.

The electricity made from this type of solar panel is what is known as the “direct current” or DC. This is done when the silicon (a semi conductor), which forms part of the inner workings of the panel, is exposed to sunlight and thus generates electricity. This electricity then has many domestic uses throughout the household and can be built to make enough electricity sufficient to power a large family home. It important to note that a solar panel to make energy can only be utilized during the day for obvious reasons. However, this is easily overcome by implementing a system that stores electricity within a compact system of batteries when you build your solar panel to make energy.

There are several types of batteries that you can use for this: One choice is known as a Gel Battery which is particularly good in winter periods due to it’s freeze resistant quality; There is also a sealed type battery which does not require maintenance in order to keep it’s charge. The downside of both these batteries is that they are quite expensive to buy. The one that I do recommend you use is the acid type car batteries. This is by far the cheapest option and the small amount of maintenance required to ensure that they are fully charged, i.e. regular topping up, is well worth the saving.

Solar Panel To Make Heat:

Sometimes referred to as “thermal collectors” these panels consist of some sort of vessel, such as a plastic hose, that carries the water through and is heated by sunlight. The heat generated is then circulated by means of a pump. This can generally eliminate the need for other types of heating fuels – if done correctly! It can even heat a domestic pool/spa/hot-tub and all of your other hot water requirements either at home or work. You can also use a solar panel to make sufficient energy required for base-board and under flooring heating systems; but these will also require a pump system.

Whether using a solar panel to make energy or to generate heat you will find that both utilize the glass panel system to allow exposure to the sun’s rays. Ensure that your panels are situated where they are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the whole day. If you live in a region that predominately experiences overcast days during most of the seasons then consider supporting your solar system with a wind generator.

To make your home totally energy self sufficient however, you can complement any system with a generator back-up supply. This can be run on bio-diesel that can also be home made simply by following one of the good guides available through the links. Thus maintaining an Eco-friendly environment. It is also important that you implement this in case your energy storage system gets depleted or fails.

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