solar power kits

A Typical 10 Watt Portable Solar Power Kit

If your considering alternative energy then here are just two solar power kits you can choose from. You have the portable version above for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as camping etc. This is so convenient for those “off the beaten track” vacations such as fishing, hunting or quiet relaxing summer days spent camping. You could even use this system for powering a log cabin,  a motor home, a caravan, canal-boat or any number of other portable uses. If your new to solar and want to get a feel for it then one of these solar power kits could be just what you need in order to evaluate what it’s potential is in terms of efficiency and capability. Some solar power kits are available as a neat little package that’s convenient for carrying around almost anywhere.

Take a Look at This 42W Portable Folding Solar Charger Kit

Below is the big brother version that you can use for powering your home. It’s a good idea because you also have the added option of making a little extra by feeding the energy you don’t use back into the grid, otherwise known as the feed in tariff, whereby the energy company will either pay you or at the very least offer you credits towards your own energy costs. I say that because the opposite can also happen whereby your panels are not sufficient to power your whole house, especially if where you live is particularly prone to severe winters. You may then use the local grid as a back-up in that case, or add further solar panels to your system. Those living in areas that have high winds also use a wind generator kit
as a support – or even as their primary source of alternative energy.

These solar power kits are very good in the sense that they are easy to obtain, simple to instal and efficient to use. Very little maintenance is required and most of all they save you a substantial amount of money on your energy costs. So you really should get the one that appeals to you the most in terms of usage. Obviously if your not one for the ruggedness of the great outdoors then this second solar power kit will appeal to you more, especially if  it means saving on your energy costs every month.

solar power kits

A Home Solar Power Kit

Solar Power Kits as Renewable Energy Solutions

Energy has become the hot topic globally because of it’s increased cost and impact on the environment. Both the UK and the US are now taking innovative measures to make homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. So even if you have not yet given much thought about your own home, it’s becoming pretty certain that energy efficiency measures will become as much a part of our customary needs in the same way that double glazing and loft insulation has. Installing solar power kits can only produce benefits!

The question is which system should we invest in rather than whether to or not!  This measure is taken to overcome the energy crises and reduce the carbon emissions on the environment. We have waited long enough for governments to come up with a workable solution, and some now have. This idea of depleted fossil fuel resources has finally forced our hand in coming up with and implementing a strong renewable energy solution that will sustain our energy requirements well into the future.

Solar power is probably the best option available right now because with the latest solar technological advances it can produce energy even in low-daylight, and solar panels are becoming more affordable to buy. In fact a decent solar power kit costs around $2,500 – 3,000 and will start giving you free energy right away – once installed. You may then wish to add more as you go along until you can sustain all your energy requirements from your solar powered system.

As we know, the sun has always been a great source of heat and light energy. so we now convert this energy for more effective and diverse uses.

These solar power kits have many advantages depending upon what you wish to use them for. They are simply a cost-effective and convenient method of obtaining an energy supply using light, and the brighter the light the better. Take a look now by clicking either the links or images and see for yourself.

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