Recommended Off-Grid Solar Power Product Solar Power System is a great way for you to eliminate the electric company and go off-grid for your energy needs. This will enable you to dispense with the high and rising costs of energy. However, using an off grid solar power system depends largely on your location and the size of the investment you can afford to make towards it.

Your location is of tantamount importance, as the climate makes all the difference in the world. The more sunshine you get the more benefit and savings you can make from installing your own solar power system. If, on the other hand, this is not the case then you can still use solar, but with some additional backup supply storage such, as batteries. This ensures that you maintain a constant supply of power during the night, and on those cloudy days too.

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It does mean however, that your available investment needs to allow for several batteries and that you have adequate space to store them. The batteries will also require periodic maintenance and eventual replacement. This will be ample to provide between 1 – 3 days of your energy requirements.

If this is not sufficient then it is advised that you install a generator as a backup measure as in certain regions there can be prolonged spells of dull weather which will deplete the batteries. Fuel will be required for the generator for which bio diesel is available, thus keeping in continuity with an eco-friendly energy system. Although, yes, its possible to go off-grid it, does require investment and time on your part, but once established you will find that it was worth the effort.

There is a more straight forward method, off course, known as Net-Metering. Some energy companies offer this system whereby you can utilize your solar power system during the day, and use their power at night and during prolonged periods of overcast weather. Not all companies offer this service so check with you local provider beforehand. One of the best features of this system is that the excess power you generate during the day, instead of storing it in batteries, it goes to the power company and you get credits for this which reduces your energy bill; sometimes to zero. This eliminates the need for batteries and a generator, especially to those regions that experience long periods of cloudy weather.

If you have ample sized outbuildings or live on a large acreage that will allow you to store a backup battery supply then you could easily enjoy the benefit of going off-grid with zero energy bills. However, if you live in suburbia, have no garage or basement then you should find out if your supplier participates in Net-Metering.

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  1. Allen Cowski on May 24, 2013

    Business interest in solar power is on the rise, according to figures provided to The Australian.According to the paper, solar power systems are being installed at triple the rate of last year, encouraged by falling panel prices and rising electricity prices.

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