tesla generatorThis is an interesting product in many ways – surrounded by controversy to say the least!
There has never been a more pivotal time in history for the subject of energy to come under such close scrutiny as the Tesla generator has been subjected to.
Conspiracy theorists have speculated and probed this story ad infinitum and it has now become a subject in itself. However, for our purposes, the burning question is, “does it work?

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The more I delve into this the madder I get. If the Tesla generator was invented way back in the 1930s then why the hell are we, in 2011, becoming worried about inflating energy costs! Trying to remain out of the political & socio/economic debate on this issue is difficult to say the least.

I defy anyone not to become interested in the fact that the Tesla generator is a stunningly simple way to turn cosmic radiation into free electricity that you can use to power up anything. Furthermore, Tesla had been secretly researching a way to harness cosmic energy in order to transmit it wirelessly into every home – in much the same way that bluetooth technology is being exploited today.

Like all the early inventions, the Tesla generator now seems so simple in comparison to the complexities of modern technology, as with just a handful of basic tools and a straight forwardly simple set of instructions a diy enthusiast can easily build one of these generators quite successfully and save quite a lot of money on energy bills.

Engaging in such a project will bring immense benefits to those faced with high energy costs, because certainty and stability over household energy prices can be achieved without worrying about consumption.

There’s an interesting video that will explain in greater detail how the Tesla generator works and even more about the back story of why the “powers that be” worked to suppress this technology – all in the name of company profits. I’m reticent to say much more about this project due to it’s controversial, albeit interesting, nature. I urge you to go see it for yourself and make you own decisions.

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tesla generator

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